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Animanga Sales post
Ranka Lee

UPDATE: Now listing anime, manga, and books. Set prices are negotiable. Also added individual pictures for figures under the cut.

This is my first time selling on LJ, so bear with any mistakes I may make. Basically, I have school in the fall, and since I can no longer afford to maintain a figure hobby I'm selling some of the ones I own. I'm shipping from Ontario, Canada, and thus I will be using Canada Post, which means if you're in the US it might be a bit pricier. Offers should NOT include shipping, so tell me what you'd like (if anything!) and I'll determine a total with the price of shipping. I'll only be shipping to Canada and the US, however. Taking Paypal. If there's something you want, comment with your postal code and province/state and I'll figure out shipping costs.

Figures are all used, but come with their original boxes and are in mint condition unless otherwise stated. The set prices are gone, and instead I'll be taking offers. Under the cut, I have some of the ones I really want to sell listed, but if something catches your eye, don't hesitate to make an offer! I'll part with anything at the right price, since I'm pretty desperate for reel cash munny.

Also listed here: anime, manga, and related books.

Ranka Lee (80$ RARE),  Nia Teppelin (make offer), Rei Ayanami (make offer - no box), Person 3 Figma Aigis ($25 in box!)

Tear Grants (20$ - small blemish on stand - no box), Arche Klein (25$ - small blemish on leg)

Shana [red hair] (10$ - no box), Shana [Noir ver.] (30$)

Tales of Symphonia figures (5$ each, no boxes) - Lloyd, Colette and Sheena taken

Asuka and Shinji (5$ each - no box)

Items not shown above but are in the top picture may have offers placed on them. Although, Feldt Grace and the Aigis are already sold.



Unless otherwise noted, the anime and manga are all used and may have minor, insignificant wear on them.

Gurren Lagann the Movie - Childhood's End- LE (NA subtitled release, NEW) - 35$
I'll also be getting the second movie in at the end of the month and will be selling it at the same price.

Mushi-shi Complete Collection (2008) - 25$

Kanon volume 1 - 5$

Now and Then, Here and There Complete Collection - 20$

Assorted manga - 5$ each:
Tsubasa volumes 1-3, DNAngel volumes 1-7, BLEACH volumes 1-6, .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT volumes 1-3, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion volumes 1-2, Gurren Lagann volume 1, Gundam SEED Astray volume 1

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Print guide (200,992/210,000) - make offer, The Art of Evangelion - der mond - 20$, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 JP guide - 15$


Ahhh I want that Tear figureeee

but I don't have money :/

good luck on trying to sell stuff, though

Hello! I'm curious how much it would cost for shipping for the Aegis figure to the US 85027

Arizona, right?

Well, I used the estimator on our shipping site and it was like 25$ for shipping if the box was included. Though, if you don't need the box the shipping would only be about 5$CAN.

If you'd sell the shana nendoroid, I might be interested. :>

I... don't think I'm going to try selling the nenderoid. Not because I don't want to, because I'm pretty sure it's counterfeit. The quality isn't very good and she had a scratch on her head when I got her new.

Just curious about how much that Tear Grants figure would be if sent to.... Brampton.

And also, what kind of ship is it?

I would have been interested in either the Figma Aegis or the 1/8 Shana Noir statue, but then I realized I don't have a Paypal account or the necessary money. Oh well.

how much would you want for the figma aegis? ^^;

How much are you willing to pay? She's barely been out of the box. All her pieces are present as is her box.

I originally had her listed at 30$, but if you wanted to go a bit lower...

Waaa... Feldt ♥
How much are you looking for (s-since I'm really bad with offers ///) and what would shipping be to DE 19805?

DE is Delaware, right? XD Shipping would be around 8$. I was going to charge 20 for her since her haro doesn't fit too well. Though, she doesn't have a box if that's okay.

Any Evangelon you are willing to part with?
have pictures?

The Rei on the bottom and the Shinji and Asuka up top are up for grabs, though you'd have to make an offer.

(Deleted comment)
All of the DVDs are region 1, so they'll work on any NA DVD player.

Nia is... kind of special to me. She's my favorite figure and also the first one I bought. She also still goes for over 100$ new in most places, and since she's in mint condition I'd probably want at least 100$ >.x

I'd sell the K-ON! stuff, but I can't think of a good price. I only bought them in May at a con and got them for like... 12$ each. So if you want to make an offer based on that I can look into it.

Shipping to 24210 for Lloyd, Colette and Sheena?

If you're okay with them being put into a padded envelope, then it's about 8$.

I'd be willing to take both Gurren Lagann movies off your hands. @v@ (You said you'll be getting the second at the end of the month?)

Is there any chance you could hold the first one for me, so that it could be shipped with the second?

Please let me know. :)

Rena icon pleases me *.*

Yeah, I'm getting the second one whenever it gets here (it ships at the end of this month, so it might be a week into August before I get it). I don't mind holding it, but I need some sort of payment (at least the total of the first movie) now.

I can get a shipping quote for you if you give me your postal code, but I imagine it won't be more than 12$ for both.

shipping quote for all 4 Bleach DVDs to 48030 please~

Looks to be about 15$. I can knock 5$ off the base price though if you plan on buying all of them!

Any Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia figures left? C:

Presea, Zelos, and the big Arche are left.

Hi ya

how much would you sell your DNAngel set (Vol 1 to 7)??

Shipping to Australia??


About 20$ since I'd have to put them in a bigger box and international shipping isn't particularly cheap. I could give you two of the volumes free though, so it would be more like the shipping is 10$?

How tall are the asuka and shinji figures?

Not very tall, maybe 6" each?